South Grand Demolition


The Saint Louis Bread Co., Tim Boyle of City Property Company, and Alderman Kenny Ortmann are seeking to demolish two historic, single-family, well-maintained homes to add 20 spaces to the parking lot behind the Bread Company's store on South Grand. More than 300 people signed a petition stating that they are opposed to the demolition, and 212 people have signed a petition stating that they will no longer patronize the Bread Company if it continues to pursue the demolition of 3539 and 3541 Hartford. On April 9, the Preservation Board of the city's Cultural Resources Office voted to deny Boyle's request to demolish the buildings. Yet — despite widespread opposition from residents and the outcome of the public process — the Bread Company, Boyle, and Ortmann persist in their quest to tear down the homes while ignoring other solutions to the perceived parking shortage.

The members of the board of the Tower Grove East Neighborhood Association (all of whom live north of Arsenal) voted to support the demolition. They have refused to allow the issue to come up for discussion at a general membership meeting, and their vote does not reflect the position of the majority of the neighborhood's residents. Ironically, the mission of the Tower Grove East Neighborhood Association is "To achieve an outstanding urban neighborhood characterized by a diverse population, unified in an atmosphere of trust, respect and friendship."

Update: On 6/27/01, the HUDZ Committee of the Board of Aldermen approved Tim Boyle's request to demolish 3539 and 3541 Hartford (Board Bill 31). The only alderman voting against the demolition was Craig Schmid. Demolition of 3541 Hartford began in October 2001. Tim has also bought the first home on Arsenal east of Grand.


The protest rally, the demolition targets, the enormous unused parking lot across the street from the proposed demolitions, and properties owned by Tim Boyle

South Grand Lost
Other buildings we'll never see again

Chronology of events

Preservation Board hearing

26 Reasons to Oppose Board Bills 31 and 32
Testimony presented to the HUDZ Committee of the Board of Aldermen

Map of the area

Flyer handed out at the protest rally (featuring the famous wrecking bagel)

Saint Louis Bread Co.'s response

Commerce Bank's plans for its lot
This article was approved by Fran Franara, a group manager for Commerce Bank, for inclusion in the Tower Grove Heights Gazette.

South Grand Parking Study (minutes)

Mark Abbott's 1997 parking study

Brian Kolde's 2001 parking observations

Contact Information

Want to help save 3539 and 3541 from the wrecking ball? Reach out and touch these people:

Saint Louis Bread Co.

Fax: 633-7200

Mike Kupstas
VP of Franchise and Brand Communications
633-7100 x7308

Archie Karel
St. Louis Director of Operations
633-7100 x6354

John Gilroy
633-7100 x7126

Kelly Cook
District Manager
633-7100 x6306

Bridget Westhoff
633-7100 x7284

Tim Boyle
President, City Property Company
3109 S Grand Blvd, Suite 214
St. Louis, Missouri 63118
Phone: 773-4141
Fax: 773-4130

Alderman Kenny Ortmann

Jeff Mudd
President, Tower Grove East Neighborhood Assoc.

Tower Grove East Neighborhood Assoc.