The add-a-link script used on was written in Perl by Brian Marston <>. It was last modified on April 18, 1997. If you would like to use the add-a-link script on your site, e-mail me and we'll work out a deal.

  • The script can be distributed across multiple pages. In other words, a single copy of the script can be called from multiple forms to create multiple add-a-link pages. The script writes the output file to the same directory in which the calling form resides. It determines the path to this directory automatically from the HTTP_REFERER environment variable.
  • The input form and thank you page are separate HTML files that can be customized to match a particular look and feel.
  • Includes input fields for the user's name and e-mail address and the site's URL, title, and description
  • Automatically records the date the link was made
  • Preserves information entered by the user across two forms
  • Produces a verification page that allows the user to make sure his or her link is correct before submitting it.
  • Link counter on the output page
  • Active e-mail addresses and URL hyperlinks on the output page
  • Puts the newest links at the top of the list
  • E-mails the webmaster to notify him or her about new links. The e-mail message includes all the information from the input form plus the user's hostname, IP address, and browser type.
  • Checks to make sure the URL, title, and description fields are filled in and produces a redo page if they aren't.
  • HTML parsing subroutine converts special symbols entered by the user (e.g., quotes and ampersands) to HTML escape sequences.